Who’s In Control: Men or Women?

As far back as history goes the male/female dynamic has been at the core of human relationships. Love, intimacy, family, home — the very perpetuation of our species — is build upon the connection between the two genders. The health of a society can be measured by the way they interact. Men and women in harmony produce the most beautiful fruit. When they are at war the ugliness is hard to bear. Is there a secret formula for creating a healthy union between the two? If there is, it remains as elusive as it is mysterious. Can men and women ever see eye to eye?

In a materialistic world driven by power and control the question will always loom: who is running the show — men or women? Laws and regulations only go that far in trying to create equality; at best they only curb behavior. But they don’t change the sexual, political and psychological dynamics that seem inherent in gender relations. The challenge then is: can we create a better world than that? A world where control and dominance is not the driving force?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening presentation and learn the secret to creating just such a world – a spiritually driven existence defined by the ultimate harmony between men and women. Explore the spiritual roots of masculine and feminine energy. By retracing our steps to the genesis of these archetypes and of the gender split, we discover ways to realign our identities, and realize how the two forms of energy are really part of one unifying reality.

You will never see men and women the same way again.

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