Wild Animals Teach Humans About Mutual Respect

Can natural predators teach humans anything about respect? According to Rabbi Simon Jacobson, best-selling author and counselor-to-thousands, wild animals demonstrate a respect for symbiosis that humans should learn from. In this short video, discover a key to being more respectful and tolerant — with a lesson from an unexpected source.

This is an excerpt from: What Respect Means In the Torah

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Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
The Kabbalah of Today’s Global Conflicts: The Battles between Islam, Christianity and Judaism
Wednesday, January 31, 2024 @8:30pm
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lotty Blok
5 months ago

What you have said, it is the truth. Earh wear this an stay in orbit. About four years ago, i watch to dear one, cat an notice, she can be in last period of live. She watch into me eyes. Suddenly, come up ine that it was as she say to me….soon I don’t see you an here no more, for tempory. After this, she watch often to me an in the morning, I can’t found this cat, I hear the front legs on floor, as drum. So she said to me, here I am. She was lay down with eyes closed an yes, at last she speak with dark brown voice, with me an than…she was in rest. But after this, an i felt the brown color near by me heart, I feel sad…….somethimes it come up in me again, as picture about what is going on an it said, when she walk away from me, without walking, it said to me…..it is sure, she must go. Then I see an other cat surround with light. This one don’t watch to me, not yet. Later time I have meet, contact this other cat an she was near by me, as loge. Sad, she must sleep soon because she was sick but, often, I have seen in the eyes, (or near by this) a energy……..I thought, it must that energy that have a name………..it is present, from G’d. Somethimes, I contact other animale an i am bewilderment about media said near by nothing about the animale, Israel on 7 oct. (I don’t give the blame for as i24n, etc. I write something in scat an in a week time, they give attention for donkey, dogs idf, etc. They have give it room. (but is this with understand concept what i have meant?) So hgiht time, that human use chessed an notice the live, earth, nature an begin with to say….thank you G’d. (an rabbi)

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