Turn grumpiness into happiness (quickly), brighten up a draggy afternoon, or simply boost your already cheerful mood to a new level with our first ever

Everyone has moods – good moods, bad moods, highs and lows. A big part of life is balancing our moods, appreciating the bright moments and dealing with the duller and darker ones. By analyzing and addressing the core issues at the heart of a bad mood, Toward a Meaningful Mood offers meaningful solutions to a very personal and pertinent issue. It will supplement your self-help and self-betterment arsenal so that next time you are faced with a dark disposition you will be armed with illuminating skills to understand and transform it. By bringing more growth into your personal life, you will make a more meaningful impact on the world.

Toward a Meaningful Mood is saturated with practical advice, wisdom, and guidance based on the timeless teachings of the Sages. You’ll find:

• Insight into the underlying causes of your bad moods
• Tools for quickly transforming your bad moods into good ones
• 90+ pages of practical and spiritual help
• Meaningful exercises (MeXercises)
• Meditations (MeDitations)

The approach of Toward a Meaningful Mood is to create light — not just to combat darkness. You’ll learn the art of producing goodness, lightness, and contentedness in yourself and in the world.

The Meaningful Life Center