Your Soul Workout Journal – 01/08/2022


Your Soul Workout Journal

List times in your life when you remember the feeling of being completely one with the universe. If you have never experienced it, imagine what it would be like. Write about it in your free MyMLC Journal.

1. When I draw
2. When I write poesie
3. When I give makeup or portraits for the childreen.
4. When I freedom dance
5.Whwn I do flying mouvement without thinking
6. When I eat biologique and kasher
7. When I work to reduce my consomation of meat
8. When I sing
9. When I repect shabbat time, rest and go to the nature.

I’m far of G.d and myself because I stop art to found job. I look for job because I feel like people want to take control on me because I don’t have the freedom to select and pay the people I want to choose to help me. I volontary put me in a place where people can take control on me but the other place was not the best to. I was tired, sick and afraid.


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