Your Soul Workout Journal – 02/13/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

When we came out of the movie-theatre that evening, I enquired how his child was called.
He said, Rachel.
Then I asked him to tell me Rachel’s story. He talked for a long time while we walked, telling it as it were his own, fluently. This amazed me. This was my first transcendent story.

Over three decades I was living away from my birthplace, my home. A beautiful song stayed with me.
It is pleading for the mother not to go away, away not go, do not leave me here, because if you leave me here, my soul will be sad; with a saddened soul, with a sorrowful heart, alone how can I be, living without you, living without you, living without you… This is a choral-work by Béla Bartók. Its melody is sad and soulful, but it picks up to a cathartic end.
Almost five years ago I have finally made it back home, alone. My mother had passed on a few month before. Recalling this transcendent song took a long time, because we are always together now.


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