Your Soul Workout Journal – 02/14/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

My inner child is whole: I am sincere, pure, with faith in a higher power.
My life is the way it is, because it is combined with my worldly knowledge and life experience.
This combination makes me squeeze every drop of my juices in a constant effort to find ways in mending the difference, the way I envision a solution for reconciling the two, to the best of my daily knowledge. Sleeping is my refuge, when I dream up my path, recount every detail from the previous day and assess my steps for tomorrow.
I like to talk to my child, comfort and appease her, play with her, smile to her. I bless my food, I pray like Chana.
I know this process will improve when I complete each project that creates space for better things to come, and I hope that it will be smoother with practice, discipline, more experience. Studying is my key.


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