Your Soul Workout Journal – 02/21/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

I am innocent, exalted and thoughtful. I like studying, making things with my hand, walking in hills and valleys, listening to music, and I love writing. None of these activities require direct contact with people, but I am not isolated. I have arrived to the period where I think my mission in life begins. The thick soup that was dealt to me before seems like a picture book looking back. My biggest dream is to share it with the world, and this task is my true challenge.
Why? A good picture book is seamless, and its message is conveyed to teach something through a story by pictures; its audience are children. My intended audience are my peers, the next generation, adults. My gift for writing can easily replace the pictures with words, and the story is my life, so the potential is given for this project to be a good one, but I am being very thoughtful about boundaries.
Describing the challenges I had to go through, that might convey my message are so striking in my eyes, are so personal and intimate, I feel I can not incriminate those involved. Perhaps I could use made-up names. My love story is based on a large body of letters, which is my favorite genre. I think, the solution might be incorporating it into a fictional frame, and using my artist name, Ayla.
Until I sort through my dilemmas, I return to my handwork…


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