Your Soul Workout Journal – 03/08/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

How to be a Good Person: I really have to remind myself that I – and others- matter. And it doesn’t depend on how much money I earn, whether or not I’m yet married or have kids, whether or not I’ve won the biggest piano competition or got into Juilliard. What matters is how I am acting. How about when I drive? How about intermingling with the staff at Hack. Hosp or at rehabs concerning Len’s care? How about when I’m frustrated around Mom? I see that indeed I’m doing to others things that I do not want done to myself. Not all the time, of course! I do my work as best as I can with full honesty and thoroughness; I am deeply compassionate with Len and his fiery advocate for the best health-care; I am a loyal person; I am caring and sensitive; I am spontaneous and fun. I feel that I wouldn’t do or say to others some things that people do or say to me. I know I have a lot to work on. I feel that begins by recognizing my good and building on that.


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