Your Soul Workout Journal – 03/08/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

Help! I need a spiritual guru!: I think that the only way to find a spiritual guru is to meet as many Rebbetzins as possible and to see who I feel most comfortable with – who resonates with me. I don’t have to say to here that “you’re my spiritual guru!” I just know she is and I call her. I’ve done so with Miriam Se in Passaic and Miriam Sh. I think the former, because she’s Chabad, has a broader understanding re secular world etc. No one’s perfect – but she’s humble, optimistic, and a doer. I feel that she truly values and appreciates me and sees my good. I don’t feel uncomfortable around her. The greatest benefit from having a mashpiah is knowing whether I’m doing something that’s helpful for me and my relationship with HaShem. For example, by having a male piano teacher, would that hurt my neshama – or could it? What’s great about Miriam Se is that she never told me what to do – she outlined to me what could occur – I made the choice to forego the male teacher and I know I made the right choice!!


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