Your Soul Workout Journal – 05/12/2021


Your Soul Workout Journal

I found that information about my anxiety problems;
* his overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness, frustration, anger, anxiety or even fear. I succeed in doing something he wishes to accomplish lack of words to express himself has discovered by experience that a crisis allows him to get what he desires; wishes to have attention, perhaps because he feels isolated, ignored or alone, or, on the contrary, because he has a habit of monopolizing attention*

I feel someting inside me, that I need my belover/ lover, see I don’t feel good. That also look that he give more attention to my feeling and what hurt me when I became fat. I’m also able to see if the people will reject me for a personnel/ commercial reasons if my apparence will be less attractive. Or people didnt’ loved me when I was slim for * jealousy/ lake or self confident competition or I dont know. Some people dont’t smile to me or dont see me when I’m to slim or the contrary some people don’t smile to me when I’m more fat…So I-m an revolt about that.That it’s also a phenomen that “I want to show that I’m like everybody…I can broke”. I also live physical problems that my body did’nt told me to stop to eat.

When I drop my last lover that drive him to realise that when I was crying that was because of his behavior and not because I was crazy or “so sensitive”. I can accept a man had other relation than me.


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