Your Soul Workout Journal – 07/09/2021


Your Soul Workout Journal

Look at your current challenges and identify one where you could rise to the occasion. Do it.

One of my challenges right now is to try being more determined at school. I know that I am capable of doing it, however there is a feeling inside of me that says I can’t. One way I have been trying to combat this is by simply ‘trying’. I think that this negative feeling emergers from my tendency to think that things need to be perfect, that the conditions need to be perfect or that I even need to be perfect in everything I do. But I know that the best time to do it is now. I am trying everyday to focus a bit on it, and just give it a try. No matter if I have a good day or bad day, I am going to persist and be determined to finish what I have started. I know I have the capability in me to do it, I just need to focus that energy into the activities that will help me achieve my goals! I also know that I am new to the work I am doing at school, therefore I can’t expect to be perfect, but I know that this is a new challenge that will help me to grow in some aspect.

Another area of life where I have some challenges is in the social aspect. I have a tendency to isolate myself, it is funny because I love to talk! But I do not have friends that I hang out with often or that I can communicate most of my ideas to, and I know that is a consequence of my own behavior to not put myself out there more. I have taken some steps however, I reached out to a friend from school this past month to hang out and talk, and it ended up being fun, and I am trying to be more open if I receive an invitation to an online meeting or to hang out with a friend. It really is a challenge for me because I do enjoy my own company, but I am also aware of the fact that I don’t live alone in this world and need to connect with others. I think that my challenge comes from an egoistic feeling of wanting something in return of a friendship (specifically in the social aspect), rather than just being friends and building a connection with a person.


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