Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/24/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elui 10.
That important I chose to do association with people understand & respect my goal & beliefs. Because of my own insecurity, I have a tendency to reduct the value of my on opinion. So, I can give the control of the gift G.d give to me in the hand of someone else; My work will reflected identity, insecurity, vengeance intentions, fear, beliefs of someone else. Now I understand & know that; I always need to take care to know the intentions of my associate and I always need to take time to pray & consult before to take a decision for my own creation.

I fallow the two years a someone can’t confirm with is own word the advice I think he give to me.That person is a doubt in my life, is an human, his intentions can be goddly, but he can have also his own insecurity & I can’t misunderstand what he try to express me. That really important to keep a control on my own judgments.

In Montreal I was fallow Yuri Bozyan my Russian circus coach. He told me to don’t go in America without VISA. The relation was an exchange of knowledge for money.

I fallow the advices of Rabbe Jacobson on the web & book. I try to respect the rules to give donation.

I began, but I stoped, in reason of a communication problem to study Judaism with a school at Los Angeles.

I love to take advice to my doctor acupunture, but I come back mtl. When I will return America I would like to talk with her again; her knowledge safe my body & that have an impact on my mind.


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