Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/26/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

Module 3: People
Life Lesson
My high school teacher influenced me. He taught me to play in class and in that play, i was assigned to play the role of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thus was my interest in Politics . i was still in Cameroon and never ever dream that i would go one day in France to study. In France, i met friend who were members of secret societies, but i never taught that i should join one in order to do politics. One of my best friend in college joined and he became the assistant secretary of the president of Cameroon in 1990 after he finished his education. Few of my tutors in high school in Cameroon are being held high level position in the government. I never thaught it was because they were initiated into certain fraternities. The Rosicrucian organization has taught me how to do meditation, The leader of that group is a personal assistant and spiritual counselor of the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya.
My late father taugth me how to do business and politics but this was in the traditional sens. I studied in three different continents: Africa, Europe, and in the Unite States and now i want to bring in my experience in Africa to help others.
I campaigned for former Massachusetts Governor D
Deval Patrick, at one point, he came to our campaign office to speak. I can sens a powerful energy driving from his aura. Then i know that politicians are initiated somewhere.
My aunt, from my mother side influenced me. He hide me when i was trying to go to France.
I was born in Douala, Cameroon
I live in Lawrence, Massachusetts
I traveled to: Brazil, France, Germany, Bangladesh, England in the past 10 years and cameroon of course
My happy place is Cameroon
I speak English French and Bagangte, my tribal language
I am black from Africa.
going to asia:japon, south Korea, china
to meet business venture people as a partner in many businesses that i am planning to create.
First business: Energy, solar energy to produce electricity; Second business; to be a dealer from many major construction equipment in Africa so that people who want to build road construction can orders or rent equipment from me.


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