Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/26/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

Module 3:
Activity Map
1- I draw conclusion is my strongest;
I excel more in the role of the creative- I am more intuitive- i make decision quickly
Activity 2; Love
Love comes to come it is very difficult; i used to give and share love easily, but now it takes time to give and share with age; 3- yes, i have been stepped on for many times
1) I do have healthy boundaries; 2) i judge other as i see fit. but do they view me the same ? no because of complex education background; 3) My discipline derives from a place of love. But not anyone likes that; 4) to follow through with my rules and boundaries is difficult because of what i experienced on Module 2
Compassion/ Empathy:
1) This is why i want to create a not-for profit to help unfortunate other people; 2) it comes with love but some people don’t understand that; 3) i am with anyone who is willing to accept my helo but i cannot help the fool; 4) yes, it does- there is a girl in Cameroon whose baby was stolen at birth- she doesn’t have anyone to help her- so i am able to help her get her baby back once i meet her in Cameroon. Strategy would be both political and spiritually and it would be through my not for profit organization.
Self Perception: How do you perceive others:
yes i do acknowledge that anyone can make a mistake; 2) oh– i am willing ; 3) yes subtle emotions, i know how to differentiate them;
Self- Expression:
1) I express my feeling verbally what i want to the other person to hear — and now verbally, when it is someone involved into politics; 2) yes i can communicate all my belief tough and freely unless i know that the truth sometime may cause some people to poison me in politics. 3)
oh yes i believe in the power of peaceful march–peaceful violence—;4) i am more attached than others attached to me
i do not have a healthy interpersonal relationship. First, i am with a mystical people they would take advantage of my energy ” empiricism”, if i am with a normal person, they would threat me as sorcerer or a wizard; 2) From my mission statement, when successful, it would change the life of thousand if not millions of people. One part of my mission statement is to be like the owner of Uber, delivering food that my company produces from different farms, one African country at the time. Then at the same time, i would build up cars that has three wells where drivers would be used to deliver my food at home. briefly, it would be the type of uber and Amazon both combined.
Stress Management:
1) i am flexible– yes; 2)yes i can manage and influence stressful situation in a positive manner; 3) yes i am more optimistic than ever when i am not- i turn myself to prayer and meditation.
Decision Making:
1) emotion can lead me to a weaker decision making; 2) i recognize my emotion and know that sometimes it could be influenced by my emotion. They, i know when my decision has been influenced by emotion.- 3) i can delay my impulse and my temptation to act.
1) i am gracious in my victory- yes i do attribute to my strength and determination. 2) Determination could be involving certain people in to help me become successful. Strength is my ability to be persistent to reach out to those people; 3) i am willing to recognise my error– yes i can review decision made in the past, yes m determination is focused and constructive; 4) determination cause me to be demanding to be. nobody compared with me at the point-
1) no
2) no i speak out or up
3) yes i do
4) yes they do until i stop them
5) sometimes
6) yes
no dependent on others but others depend on me
Activity 4
I am a visionary when it come to create a new products. My ideas for business and politics always come true when it deal with prediction. My perception of negativity and positivities to and from other make them afraid of me. I get sens easily whether to get along with one person or not
“Talent that you acquire through training, learning and experience.”
My father taught me how to do business, building up factories in Africa. He also taught me how to do politics:
Opportunities: These are my favor point
Since i was born, i have had major opportunities in my life. In high school, i play a role of the Minister of Foreign Affairs on a play. i was 12 years old. i had opportunities to meet African presidents while schooling in France. Now i have another opportunity to meet 7 African president with the help of my friend, Theodore Mbody Nloka. i had opportunity to speak to prominent billionaire in Africa. and now, i could have opportunity to do business with 7 african presidents if that one isn’t lost. When i get my money back or even partially, i could travel with Theodore to meet those African presidents for business opportunities in energy( solar Energy, etc and others)
Personal Opportunity:
I have opportunity to get into Harvard Business school. I was asked to apply but remained sluggish to apply after years and years now it is too late, but i can catch up with my money when it comes into my hand. I had opportunities to meet people who could change my life in the positive way.
Recreational Opportunities:
Spiritual Opportunities:
This lady, we work together on the same desk on many democratic political campaign. now 7 years later she is the congresswoman. i though i could have the opportunity to meet the same people who came in in the campaing office and offer her the possibility to initiate her in different spiritual group and trained her so that she become congresswoman. I would have been that same person in her shoes.



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