Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/27/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

I am passionate about my future children to follow the footstep of their father. My unique experience in life, after seeing everything, after seeing every obstacles, having too many challenged, i am in the position to say, i have something to work on. First, my project would be unique in Africa and around the world because the temperature is favorable. It is a unique ides that doesn’t exist anywhere and cannot good for the us market. Thus, because of the sun favor that type of business, and the connectivity between each individual, it would be an easy to connect consumers and my farm business. One country at a time. here in the US, i would get the technology such as computer to connect and i would get lands, farm employees in Africa, thus both together would create a bum of the economy of the next century and beyond. This would be a role model of new African economy sine each person can just order from his app store and get delivery within minute at home. each individual would open an account within my company and that account would be his bank account. often time, i would add money just like credit card sends you invitation that hey, we can give you xyz amount, just apply. etc.


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