Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/28/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

Module 5;
Activity 2
My mission statement is being able to recuperate my financial resource stolen therefore being able to combine all network necessary to create all daily farm products from farm to table. As a leader, I do want to meet network of secret societies who can excel my political vision to become a commander of chief in Cameroon.
Activities 3
Relationship- All siblings, all uncles both sides and aunt nephew
Children-No children as of yet
Home- happy with my daughter
Work- 4-5 factories are build- my money stolen is giving to me back
Money- I did budgeting for 5 factories- 5 year ago- giving to church or other sinagoge- no worry about my money no more.
Use of Time:
I waste 3 years in homeless shelter as I was still there- Time spent there taught me lessons
Night time I was in bed, and was writing on my goals
Physical health: go back to a jim, my muscle, my muscle is distracting; dealing with my diabetics
Intimacy: no more as yet
Technology: sending email to 5 different CEO of my factories in each different Africa countries
Community: meeting billionaire at the us chamber of commerce in Singapore, China, Japan, etc to build technology in Africa
Bringing in in Africa technology to build tramway, a train with 5 cars each similar to undergrown subway in new York city. This technology would create job, this technology would help people commute from one place into another at the same time, but eliminate or reduce the use of bicycle with three wheels or two wheels.


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