Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/29/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul 12.

You Shall be Holly for I, the Lord your G.d, am holy.
Patient / Loving / Kind / Creative / Just

The ONE who started the fire must make restitution.
Exercise: To be Holly, I did:
To try to be Holly & keep my sensitivity in a situation where I can’t control the origins of the food; I decided to became vegetarian.
In a situation where I can’t decide with who I live all my day, where I live with people with addictions problems or criminal past; I decide to take distance and to don’t give my Pearl to the Wolfs. To stay polite, but take distance and talk and react fast in front of all discounforts situations; even if nothing will change fast. I don’t want to take an habit to accept disrespect acts on me: That create a diminution of self esteem.

To be holy, I return to my country to be able to live legal and work for put the bread on my table. Unfortunately; I bought a “Spam” “Feck” ticket airplane. So the council of Canada work to help me to get out of here and they look for a new ticket airplane for me. I’ m suppose to fly monday.


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