Your Soul Workout Journal – 10/12/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

How do you nurture yourself? Envision treating your inner child the way it needs to be treated. Act on it. Write about it in your MyMLC journal.

My mother always told me to take care about me outside my character on the stage and my need of performance in my circus studio. She told me to take care to my heart like if my heart was my baby.
My mother was not able to protect herself, to protect me and my sister to my father until she was afraid for her life and talk to her family who sent the police to their apartment. She was not at the house for excuse him and explain the situation. I was more than 30 years old.

To treating my inner child in the way it need to be treated:
I would like to do my performance with an healthy body, with healthy and godliness purpose, in a studio secure and with an healthy financial situation. I love to perform, but without good conditions; it’s not healty.

I would like the new man I love stop to put confusion in my heart and my soul: I don’t want to live with another woman who, by her presence, create competition, jalousie and insecurity and give me the impression I need to proof something to obtain love and attention. In the same way; I never met this man in private.
Last year was difficult, I was not able to fixe my dreams and purposes, because I had a physical injury I was not able to fixe in my country; the doctors didn’t know the problem and didn’t told me how big the problem it was. My skills was at the doctor’s office an America; that was like to see your business burn an front of you without help around you to react enough fast to stop a disaster. I had probably also a psychological problem; my heart was broken by my old relation.
So, how, a man, who I began to know supposed to react an front of a situation I was myself not idea how to deal? I think he tried to contact me faster but he was not there, or I was not there, so that was never work.


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