Your Soul Workout Journal – 10/25/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

25 October 2020

My fatigues problems are probably the result of a lack of iron and a physical problem.

I decide to don’t try to understand, but fight for my right. I send a question 6 days ago, to know if my attestation had respected the law, last week, without answers. I will contact an attorney in Montreal about that tomorrow.

I decide to stop reacting to any “signs” and just take any “interpretation” like an “advice”. I will use my own judgment to orient my directions; I need to think before to act with reflexions and professionals points of views who follow my own values. I stopped to look the social media of Channing Tatum.

I erased my request to my old “bad lover” story.

I did reflection about to pray in front of a broken wall, I have questions about that.


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