Your Soul Workout Journal – 10/27/2021


Your Soul Workout Journal

1. How would you define your life mission?
I was created to serve God.
The reason you exist?
I am here to be happy knowing Hashem is good and does ONLY GOOD. To raise happy kids who believe in God and understand that everything God does is GOOD. To support my husband and work on my character traits so we can have shalom bayis. I also have the pleasure and ability to help others as a coach.
2. What makes you stand out?
I am honest, cheerful, caring, silly, and self-aware.
How are you unique?
I am an immigrant, teenage mom, convert, psychologist, coach, and I try to trust God every day.
3. What particular skills and experiences do you have that can make a difference?
I know a little (Thank God) about human suffering; I’ve gone through challenging experiences in life. I studied psychology and Chassidus, music, dancing, and I am active. I have excellent intuition and try to better myself every day. Changing the world starts with ourselves.


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