Your Soul Workout Journal – 11/09/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

An other portrait of my actual situation:
Transcending Limiting Beliefs
List a few of your limiting beliefs. Journal about how you can use your true self to transcend them.

That look like a person:W, at the school of the street, study to be able to fit in the industry he want to work. This person:W modified himself for the desire of the company where he want to progress because he want to work there. He’s not already ready and the industry ask him for fidelity until the (audition). Because the ‘industry’ need someone at the position right now; The ‘industry ‘decided to take person:Y to respond to the post; ‘The industry’ can possibly modify or adjust the identity of the person:Y and transpose identity’s element of the person:W on his choice, Person Y, if person:W is not able to assumed the post. Like that industry will be happy.

The industry look like he think: Person:W was and will be nothing without his help, so why care about her identity? And that name didn’t work. Person:W had no name in the Industry; so if person:W will be not able to be enough good for his industry, person:W will be not enough good for otter potential industry. Industry don’t want to lose his time and money or think, he did a bad decision with person:Y; So if person:W really want to work for his industry; He can give to person:W a new name. Like that, Industry will be sure person:W never quit his industry for herself; because Person:W lost herself in that adventure; Industry gave a part of the identity of person;W to person:Y.
Or Maybe person:Y just look like me and the response of all industries in front of a creation problem: That only a coincidence; Person:W is probably crazy.


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