Your Soul Workout Journal – 11/09/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

Transcending Limiting Beliefs
List a few of your limiting beliefs. Journal about how you can use your true self to transcend them.

1. I need to fallow the music to give direction in my life; I need to fallow someone to give direction in my life.

But in the other hand, a presence/ advice / the point of view of someone else: Master, Friends, Family, husband is always important. The problem in my situation is .

The person I listen ask me to tolerate division and confusion; The person outside me; ask me for fidelity; like an husband; but he don’t give that an return. He doesn’t give me physical contact but he responds to his need with another person than me.
If someone ask for a marriage fidelity attitude, I ask in return: Don’t withhold sexual relations to your wife. Otherwise the place I can found for him in my life is a friend, mentor or life coach; But, can I really I want to put my life in the hand of someone who don’t applied my beliefs? The answer suppose to be NO:
How he would be able to give me advices without division and confusion to fallow my purpose if he tolerate a divide and confusing relation with me?

Why I accept that? I thing I’m not enough good to be love right now? Because: an Injury? Because I don’t do money in a country where I come for meet him without Visa? Because my English is not perfect? Because I’m not blond like I would like to be, because the hair dresser do bad job on me? Because I have stressful reactions and I eat sometime my emotions; Most of the time because of that confusing and divide relation.

It’s good to me to wait to the time “When I will be ready/ When I will be enough good to meet him again. I feel like if I need to change, to grow-up to be able to be a better candidate to that person.

This person told me he believe but: With time I have the impression His advices look like he has a blind spot easy to see, more big than his size and everybody probably saw that faster than me.


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