Your Soul Workout Journal – 12/18/2022


Your Soul Workout Journal

Question One: In three words, describe your personality.


Question Two: List five of your most dominant interests.


Question Three: Describe your character, including your virtues, vices, strengths, and weaknesses.

I am a loyal, honest and fair person. I never intentionally do things that I know will hurt another being whether that be physically, emotionally or any other form even when then continuously do things that hurt me, I always look at the good of that person and look for better in them. I struggle immensely with telling others how I truly feel especially when I know it could hurt them or upset them. I have no confidence in what I have to say and often allow others stronger opinions and characters to over rule my own. I doubt myself and my own character many times and I often struggle to be brutally honest. I am always willing to help and go out of my way to help others because I like to help those who need it and it gives me a sense of satisfaction because it appears that those people appreciate me and my help even though I am often wrong and they may not appreciate me, I still am often willing to offer my help. I do not put my own needs often enough and so I now do not know what I enjoy and do not know what life means to me and no longer know what purpose my life is or brings to others.

Question Four: List the past four opportunities that opened doors for you. Who faciliated those opportunities?

Working at IPS has given me the opportunity to work the hours I prefer which is around my children and so I am not gone for longs hours at a time. I am making a lot more money than anticipated and more than what my profession and qualifications brought me in the past. The work I do is pretty easy for the money I make even though it does not bring me the satisfaction and fulfilment that my profession did. This opportunity came from me looking for jobs through an agency that I wanted close to my home and the consistency in looking was because u needed to pay for my aesthetics course that I needed to pay off 2 months later.

Having this job at IPS has made it possible for me to complete my dermal fillers course as I was able to make enough money to pay it off and go and complete the course. I have not been able to begin practicing due to not having a car to travel to clients but I know that the hardest part is over.

Before I started working at IPS, I had the opportunity to get all my debts together and make an arrangement to begin to clear them all so that in very minimal years to come, I will be in a better place in terms of my credit score and the money I owe to creditors. Lauren told me about IVAs and going bankrupt and so I was able to make a decision as I understood more about what I would be getting into.

At the beginning of the year, I had passed several interviews and got several Nursing jobs through interviews despite the fact that I had not practiced for 18months which was a great achievement because I was still wanted based on my character and first impressions. Unfortunately, all offers were withdrawn due to the discrepancy on my DBS which still prevents me from practicing at the moment. However if this was not the case, I would not be where I am right now as I would not be working in a factory. My will power to not give up and to confirm that my DBS held back my progress is way faciliated those opportunities as I needed to be certain that I had done all that I could in my power.

Question Five: In the coming year, what opportunities would you like to have open to you?

My DBS to be cleared and an opportunity to go back into Nursing which I know will need to be in a hospital at least for 6 months.

The opportunity to get my aesthetics business moving and continue adding treatments to my services.

The opportunity to be at my best physically inside and out.

The opportunity to have enough money to take my kids on a proper holiday and to go see my sister and take them to see their dad’s family.

Question Six: Who are the people who you most often deal with? List the greatest joy(s) and the greatest challenge(s) in dealing with them.

My husband-
He’s funny, caring, kind, giving.
He does not listen, he’s aggressive, he’s self centre’s at times, he thinks he knows everything, he’s suspicious of everyone, he lives his life as if he is single, we are not partners, he never includes me in anything, he’s controlling, he’s abusive, he’s unpredictable, he’s moody, he carries a lot of pain and trauma.


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