Your Soul Workout Journal Veronica Port – 08/18/2022


Your Soul Workout Journal

An Exercise to Find Out Who You Are

Question One: In three words, describe your personality.
Direct, sometimes brash / self-deprecating / introvert

Question Two: List five of your most dominant interests.
Organizing / Cooking / Studying / Volunteering / Crafts

Question Three: Describe your character, including your virtues, vices, strengths, and weaknesses.
I am a planner/organizer; I can be blunt, maybe hurtful; I am an introvert; I procrastinate/dream without doing; I’m funny; I’m independent; I write

Question Four: List the past four opportunities that opened doors for you. Who facilitated those opportunities?
I can’t recall

Question Five: In the coming year, what opportunities would you like to have open to you?
To publish my book; to set up a directory; to travel and meet other Noahides

Question Six: Who are the people who you most often deal with? List the greatest joy(s) and the greatest challenge(s) in dealing with them.
Terry, Scotty, Shara (learning/disagreeing), PGR (hugs, herding), Rebecca (best friend, disagreeing), Christina (new friend, energy, unsure of her personality).

Question Seven: If you have a mentor, describe what you admire about your mentor. If you do not yet have a mentor, describe what qualities you’d like your mentor to have — qualities which you would like to emulate.
No mentor – calm, patient, knowledgeable, concerned

Question Eight: List the places where you have lived. What possibilities did each place offer you?
WA – volunteering
CA/BC/AB/MB – work and friends

Question Nine: List the places where you have traveled to. You can list just the ones that had a clear effect on you, or all of them. In each place, what changed in you as a result of your visit? What did visiting each place teach you?
TN retreat – got to meet Noahides in person; financial support; realized the importance of meeting them in person rather than just virtually.


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