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Ep. 248: What Is Going on with All the Recent Tragedies?



Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives — from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought

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• Chassidus Applied to Zayin Adar I and Tetzaveh 0:28
• What is going on with all the recent tragedies? 13:59
• Should I be concerned over an ominous chain letter I received? 22:52
• Are their guidelines for using hypnosis to treat mental health? 26:58
• Will we be able to have children in the world to come? 30:17
• When a yeshiva sends students as shluchim to other yeshivos, is it considered as if the Rebbe is sending them, or as a faculty decision (which could be mistaken)? 33:36
• What boundaries should be kept when single girls have male teachers? 38:24
• Follow-up:
o Mental health referrals (episodes 243-244) 45:08
o Nursing (episode 245) 46:32
o Can anyone publish the Rebbe’s talks? (episodes 246-247) 48:16
o Not listening to the Rebbe (episode 247) 59:25
o Abortion (episode 247) 01:00:36
o How does chassidus explain the prohibition of abortion? 01:00:55
• Chassidus question: How do you explain the idea of mokom aron ayno min ha’midah – the “space of the ark is not (included) in the dimensions (of the Holy of Holies),” i.e. did not occupy space? – Part II 01:03:50
• My Life 2018 essays:
o Understanding and Dealing with Events, Chana Shpiegel, 36, Jerusalem, Israel 01:11:37
o Chassidus Lessons from Physical Therapy, Yechezkal Shimon Gutfreund, 62, Brighton, MA 01:12:42
o Letting Go with Love: Resolving the Paradox of Ahavas Yisroel, Sasha Balofsky, 29, Philadelphia, PA 01:13:41


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