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Ep. 255: What Responsibility Do Websites Have to Their Readers?



Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives — from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought

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  • Chassidus Applied to Tazria, HaChodesh and Rosh Chodesh Nissan
  • Lessons from 25 Adar: Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka’s 118th birthday
  • What responsibility do websites have to their readers?
  • What future is there in this challenging day and age for a Yeshiva student without a secular education?
  • How do you explain the Rebbe’s approach in our times?
  • Can a Rebbe make a mistake?
  • Who is the tzaddik yesod olam today?
  • Does yogati u’motzosi actually work?
  • Why can’t I give my son the choice to have a Bris later in life?
  • How can we begin to daven the way Chassidus expects of us? Prayer continued
  • Chassidus question: Does chassidus explain the reason for different hair colors, white hair and baldness?
  • My Life 2018 essays:
    • Finding G-d in the Empty Spaces, Yehudis Fishman, 75, Boulder, CO
    • How to Ride a Roller Coaster: Discussions from the PICU, Mushky Naparkstek, 22, Brooklyn, NY
    • The Power of a Chassidic Melody, Levi Goldstein, 40, Postville, IA


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