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Get seven complete and original sermons for Parshat Tazria/HaChodesh (or purchase them individually)

1. Has Your Potential Been Realized?
How often do you feel frustrated that your potential has not been actualized? Is there a method to help you realize your potential? The surprising answer lies in the new moon — which we read about today, on the first day of Nissan.
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2. How Can We Respond to Darkness?
As Moses was standing in the streets of ancient Egypt he was wondering how his people would achieve redemption after so much suffering. And the answer he received gives us hope as our universe trembles today. It all began with the new moon that we bless this Shabbat, as we get ready to enter the new month of Nissan, the month of Redemption.
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3. Do You Feel All Alone? The Social Leper
Have you ever felt like an outcast? As social creatures, whose sense of well being is dependent on interactions with others, feeling separate and apart can be most distressing to our psyches, especially for children. This week’s Torah reading contains some very relevant lessons to our lives today concerning those who feel shunned by society for whatever reason.
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4. How Can I Find My Blind Spots?
In today’s polarized climate of partisan politics and media bias, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between objective facts and subjective opinions, and to determine who if anybody can be trusted. In this week’s Torah reading we find one of life’s most profound and relevant psychological insights: How to discover one’s blind spots?
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5. What Treasures Are Hidden Within You?
Everyone – from young children to mature adults – loves to discover hidden treasure. We can all envision the sheer delight when we uncover secret riches in unexpected places. Today we shall speak about how to discover the hidden treasures within ourselves.
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6. Baldness, Purity and Mr. Clean
What can hair and baldness teach us? The secret to purity, cleanliness, and living up to our divine image (the subject of this week’s Torah reading). After all: God created a few perfect heads. The rest He covered with hair. The mystics teach us about the potency of hair.
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7. The Big Bang Theory
Does the Big Bang Theory jive with the Torah? Come, let us journey through the layers of science, along the mysteries of the cosmos, and into the nucleus of existence. Within the Torah portion addressing birth and purity we will come to discover the biggest bang of all. 
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