Tazria: Baldness, Purity and Mr. Clean



Why is Mr. Clean bald?

And what can his baldness teach us?

It can teach us the secret to purity, cleanliness, and living up to our divine image (the subject of this week’s Torah reading).

After all: God created a few perfect heads. The rest He covered with hair.

Hair grows on top of the head. Hair is an outgrowth of the mind. The mind represents the source, while hair represents the mind’s expression – it’s like the mind’s public relations firm. PR is nice, but it’s not the actual source product, merely its presentation and representation. The mystics teach that these are two forms of cosmic energy, direct and indirect empowerment.

Grass doesn’t grow on busy streets. Keep your streets busy and no unwanted grass, weeds, nor thorns will grow.

This is what we can learn from a commercial cleaning product. This is why Mr. Clean is bald.

It is incumbent upon us to always be and remain Mr. or Ms. Clean.

It is time to clean up the world and make it shine like the bald orb that it is.

This is a bald statement.


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