Shoftim: Jewish Politics



Who is an expert on the Holy Land? Republicans or Democrats? Right-wingers or left-wingers? And can you trust their opinion?

You wouldn’t go to a mechanic for your annual medical physical, would you? If you did, you would walk out of there with new tires and an oil change. You wouldn’t take your automobile to a medical doctor for its annual inspection, would you? If you did, your car would be told to cut down on those chocolate fudge brownies and to blow the cobwebs off the treadmill.

So why would you go to a politician to understand the Holy Land? Just as medical doctors are experts in medicine, not automobiles, so too politicians are experts in politics, not holiness.

The only expert on Israel, and its sanctity, is the Torah. And the Torah says there is no such a thing as a rightwing or leftwing Jew.

This sermon demonstrates how a Jew is not meant to veer to the right or to the left, but to copy the one divine Torah, study it and live by it. This is the mission of the Jew.

The above message is encapsulated in the story of a tiny Torah scroll that journeyed from a Bar Mitzvah in Bergen-Belsen into the arms of Colonel Ilan Ramon on the Columbia Space Shuttle. This Torah went from the pits of hell to the heights of heaven – as every Jew must as well.


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