Tazria: How Can I Find My Blind Spots?



In today’s polarized climate of partisan politics and media bias, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between objective facts and subjective opinions, and to determine who if anybody can be trusted.

In this week’s Torah reading we find one of life’s most profound and relevant psychological insights: How to discover one’s blind spots?

“What?!” you may be wondering. “What possible message can we derive from this week’s reading, which discusses leprosy and its many manifestations – blotches, blemishes, rashes, patches, spots and stains – and their purification process?!” These laws are obsolete today; this type of spiritual disease no longer exists. So what, we may ask, have they got to do with me?

The short answer is: Everything.

A dramatic episode with King David, a moving story with the Mitteler Rebbe and some fascinating examples in human behavior, and our modern-day Twitter, of all things – reveal for us how the eternal Torah laws about the leper teach us a lesson that is more relevant than ever in helping us understand a vital part of our psyches. They offer us a formula to dislodge one of our most critical blocks in life: Our own blind spots.

They help us discover an essential truth: You are what you see. Divine Providence holds up a mirror before us, and (in one form or another) we are what we love, and what we… hate. So be very careful the next time you feel like passing judgment on another.




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