Quiz: Rate Your Personal Boundaries


Recent headlines have been dominated by charges of sexual harassment in virtually all sectors of society, from Hollywood to the media, from Washington to corporate America. These disturbing events are an opportunity to look at the moral character of our lives and of our society, and gauge the health of our intimate, psychological, and spiritual relationships. Indeed, the mystics and sages teach that sexual attitudes are the ultimate barometer of a society’s health – the metric defining the welfare of our families and communities.

Has sexuality lost its soul? Have we lost our way in one of the most important forces that shape lives?

We created a personal “report card” to help you evaluate the health of your intimate life, in order to heighten your intimate sensitivities and improve, refine, and grow the state of your relationships.


1. How are your emotional boundaries?

  • What would you consider to be off limits in a casual conversation with an acquaintance?
  • Can you identify the difference between doing what you feel is right and what others expect from you?
  • How much of a divide is there between what you deem public and what you deem private?
  • When looking to rise in your career, what lines would you not cross?
  • What would you do if someone powerful would behave inappropriately with you?

2. Rate your inner dignity:

  • Do you know what you stand for, and what your values are?
  • Do you think poorly of yourself, or are you comfortable with who you are?
  • Does your desire to be liked compromise your boundaries?

3. Do you believe that relationships are sacred? Not just convenient or for pleasure?

  • How important of a role does commitment play in your relationships?
  • Is there a higher purpose in your relationship? Are you building something together?
  • Do you believe in finding and marrying your soul mate?
  • How much do you honor the inner dignity of the person you’re in a relationship with?

Exercise: Complete the questionnaire in your MyMLC journal. Identify some changes that you want to make to your approach to sexuality. Start making them. 

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5 years ago

Thank you for this great litmus test!

5 years ago
Reply to 

I agree! Thanks for putting this out there in such confusing and obscure times.

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