Sleeping Tips


Sleep strengthens and refreshes you. But what can you do if you suffer from insomnia or don’t have restful nights? The following three sleeping tips are based on the timeless wisdom of Kabbalah. They encompass the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of sleep.


Humans were designed to sleep at night. What makes night conducive for the regenerative powers of sleep? Night is a time of darkness — a time of concealment, and a time of processing. At night our conscious faculties shut or slow down and are concealed, like dimmed lights. They are not in their full-functional mode: Instead of exuding energy, and aggressively initiating and creating, our faculties are more in an absorbing and processing mode. If day is sound, night is silence. At night your soul returns to its spiritual energy source where it gets reinvigorated by the nourishing “waters” of the source, which renew the soul’s “batteries.”

Healthy, refreshing sleep happens when it parallels “night” energy, by entering a calm zone which reflects the lower volume of nighttime. If you bring your aggressive “day” energy into your sleep, you will have a restless night. Night and sleep is a time when you don’t have the crystal clarity and illumination of daylight. Fully embrace the quiet darkness of night if you want to sleep better. Practically, that means create a sleep environment for yourself that dims and silences the loudness of daytime “rush hour” — no cell phone, no TV, no newspaper on your nose — a back-to-basics silence, in a nurturing bed that feels cocoon-like. It also means getting into bed earlier to take advantage of as many of nighttime’s quiet hours as possible — a quietude that physically and spiritually supports the state of sleep.

Establish a New Nightly Ritual

The activities you do before bed set the stage for a better night’s sleep. That’s why sleeping tip number two is to establish a new nightly ritual that nurtures your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs: reading something meaningful and soulful. Reciting a heartfelt prayer. Thinking about the people you love. Contemplating on returning your soul to its Source. Here is a Soul Workout that details the steps of an effective nightly ritual: Your New Nightly Ritual.

Seek Guidance

“Good health is a sound soul in a sound body.” When you have a problem like insomnia, your body and soul are crying out that at least one of them has a problem. Your responsibility to yourself is to care for your body and nurture your soul. So, the third sleeping tip is to seek guidance. Speak to a spiritual mentor and to a doctor who can help identify emotional, psychological or physical factors that may be preventing you from getting the restful sleep you need.

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5 years ago

this didnt work at all i cant asleep help i have work almost every day how do i fall asleep FASTER can you replay fast so i can know to fall asleep a little bit faster than this please ans thank you for your hard try 0-0 😉

5 years ago

this is for blake to fall asleep faster you need to put your feet out of your blankets because it cools your body down and helps you fall asleep way faster.

5 years ago

it realy does

3 years ago

iM allwayse so tired and i cant sleep well any advice

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