Your New Nightly Ritual


Are you awake, alert, alive, and enthusiastic? Did you jump out of bed excited to start the day? Or was coffee the only incentive you had to haul yourself out of bed this morning? Did you even get a good night’s sleep? Are your mornings a series of disjointed tasks that seem to offer you no spiritual or emotional return on investment? Good morning, sunshine! We have a solution for you.

You must go to the root of the problem. If you’ve tried everything — keeping technology out of your bedroom, going to sleep earlier, dealing with general physical and mental health issues, and making sure you have a good reason to get out of bed — then the root of your lousy mornings might be the way you went to sleep. It could be time to try a new nightly ritual.

Your New Nightly Ritual

1. A Moment of Silence: Before you go to bed, give yourself two minutes to sit quietly. Do nothing. Breathe. No telephone, no computer, no TV. Just sit there for a minute or two.

2. Take Care of Your Physical Needs: Go to bed feeling dignified. Although you might be exhausted and ready to collapse into bed, give yourself the gift of feeling dignified. When you take five minutes to take a quick shower, brush and floss, and use some kind of nice and pampering beauty or hygiene product (whatever makes you feel good), you’ll get into bed feeling like a human.

3. Think About Your Day: It doesn’t have to be a lengthy journaling session, nor a full psychological evaluation — all you have to do is think about how your day went. If something sticks out — something you could have handled better, briefly acknowledge it and plan to do better tomorrow. This is not meant to cause anxiety, but to allow you to go to bed feeling hopeful that you will grow and improve yourself the next day.

4. Send Good Wishes to Anyone You Resent: Resentment can keep us up at night, and can discourage us from getting out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm. Mentally or out loud, wish everyone you resent a good night’s sleep and a great awakening.

5. Say A Prayer: Regardless of your relationship (or lack thereof) in G-d or a Higher Power, verbally set some kind of intention and give thanks for what you have that is positive, and what sustains you.

6. Do Some Light and Positive Reading: Don’t get engrossed in reading something intense; once you are in bed, turn on a little reading light and read a few pages of something inspiring, positive, and uplifting. A spiritual insight or inspiration is a great option.

7. Doze off to a good night’s sleep. 


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