Is Faith Logical?


Faith, like many fundamental principles, is often misunderstood and suffers from many stereotypes. Many dismiss faith as childish or primitive; not fitting for a sophisticated mind and scientific method driven by reason and free inquiry. Those that reject faith are not only wrong; they are actually doing themselves a disservice. Because, in truth, faith is one of our most valuable and powerful resources. Faith is innate in all of us — it is our natural state of being. Faith is the power to go beyond our limited parameters and believe — and hope — in greater possibilities. Faith is the ability to dare. The challenge is to access our inner faith, to cultivate and harness its extraordinary energy. If you feel distanced from the idea of faith, here is an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the basics of what faith is and is not.

What Faith Is

  • It is a powerful, positive force in our lives.
  • It is a faculty that recognizes truths that transcend the physical, sensory world.
  • Faith is the pure experience of connecting to a power greater than yourself.
  • Faith is the entity that prevents life from being a series of logical and illogical events, providing a sense of continuity and seamlessness in a fragmented world.
  • Faith is plain, humble truth.
  • Reason may tell us how to live, but faith tells us why to live.
  • Faith begins where reason and logic end.

What Faith Is Not

  • Faith is not a creation of our imagination meant to deal with issues that we can’t comprehend.
  • Faith is not an absence of reason.
  • It’s not a sign of weakness.
  • It’s not what you resort to when all else fails.
  • Faith is not childish naivete, gullibility, or laziness.
  • It is not less integral than the faculty to think or feel.
  • Faith is not a crutch.

Exercise: Examine your attitude toward faith. Then, do something that converts a good intention into action in order to strengthen your faith. Write about it in your free MyMLC Journal.

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