Three Ways Babies Are More Evolved Than We Are

babies are more evolved than we are

“Infantile”. “Childish”. “Immature”. When an adult is being selfish and obnoxious, these are some of the words that we use to describe his behavior. While it is true that babies lack self-control and the intellectual faculties necessary to control their own behavior, babies have a lot to teach us adults. Babies, in more ways than one, are more evolved than we are.

Babies Are Genuine

When was the last time you met a conniving, plotting, two-faced toddler? You haven’t met one, because they don’t exist. Babies are genuine. They have not developed duplicity as a way of saving face and/or getting what they want. Babies learn how to lie from adults; it is not inherent in their nature.

Babies Love and Trust Their Parents

As adults, we struggle with trust. We may or may not even believe that there is anyone — let alone a  higher power — that cares for us and looks after us. Babies, on the other hand, demonstrate the epitome of trust and faith. Whether their parents are competent and kind or not, babies love and trust them. To a baby, his or her parents are all there is in the world, exhibiting magical power. There is no such thing as a “self-made” baby, or a baby limited by his own intellect.

Babies Are Inherently Good and Pure

Babies are born as clean slates. At birth, nobody has harmed them. Nobody has let them down. Nobody has told them that they are not good enough. They have not experienced life’s up and downs. They have never blamed themselves for anything. They are 100% innocent and pure. When we talk about getting in touch with our inner children, that state of purity is what we are talking about. We all have it deep down; life has done an efficient job of covering it up.

Exercise: Imagine going through your day guileless, pure, and with faith in a higher power. What would life be like if you could combine your worldly knowledge and life experience with your inner child’s inherent wholeness? Record your answer in MyMLC.


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