Moses reviews the 40 years in the wilderness: he prayed to enter the Promised Land; we received the Ten Commandments; the small things inspire the greatest change; the Land of Israel flows with sustenance and sweetness; open our eyes and see the blessings (or blind them and see the opposite); kosher, charity, and festivals may change the world; judges and officers shall maintain righteousness; we must obliterate the death-vise of false-deity; the laws of war and captivity to the laws of debt and divorce; remember Israel’s arch-enemies; reality in the Land; how to elevate production (and the rebuke if we do not); stand together, the Torah is our natural state; leadership is perpetual; the people must gather together; a song, the heavens and earth bear witness; and now we see the land with our own eyes. Sealed with blessings, and the passing of Moses as the people stand at the threshold of the dream.

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