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Nov 22

The Purpose, Process and Progress of Philanthropy

Time: 08:00PM-09:30PM
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We take it for granted. It’s a part of life as we know it. There are those who have and those who do not. There are times we have more than enough and times we need to ask for help. There are areas of our life that we have excess of and we can choose to store, share or some combination thereof and there at the same time, we can have areas of our life that we feel a lack of and we need to rely on others who have excess.

Why does it work this way? What it is all about and what’s the perspectives we each need to hold of ourselves and others while on either side of the give or take.

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and Getzy Fellig as they sit down with Eli Nash to discuss the how, the why and the what of philanthropy.

The Meaningful Life Center