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What would you give to live a more meaningful life? What would it be worth to you to shed every limitation that hedges you around, and face the world as free as a butterfly that has just shed its cocoon?

It can be done — make no mistake about that. It all comes down to one basic understanding.

You don’t need to depend upon outside help of any kind. The power is in you. You are already living a meaningful life. You already have the tools needed to live a more meaningful life. They just need using — that’s all.

And the way to use it —- the simple, clear, easily understood method of riding the obstacles to a more meaningful life, is given to you when you sign up for a free membership with the Meaningful Life Center.

If you have gotten anything out of the material we share with everyone, then we think you will appreciate what’s inside even more. Kind of like you, right?

PERSONALIZE your own personal path towards manifesting your life purpose, selecting the topics that interest you so that when you visit, you’ll have a procured list of courses and articles to meet your needs.

ACCESS hundreds of classes and articles online any time or day, with new classes added weekly. Download class handouts, supporting materials, and MP3’s for on the go listening.


GROW as you learn about the spiritual rules that govern our universe and the human soul with our membership packages to benefit you and your personal journey.

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I am so grateful that I found the Meaningful Life Center. I am feeling a shift that I have really needed for a long time. Your words about potential have really woken me up to the truth of my own self, giving me the strength to finally heal from a personal trauma I was internally holding onto for many years. I grow as a person every time I visit the site and drink of the waters of wisdom. 


- Ikira Donovan, United Kingdom

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Even at age 60, I find this so old, yet new and refreshing.  I wake up before dawn, as has been my lifelong habit, and listen to his works.  At night, I often do the same, falling asleep to his wisdom.

- Miriam Borneo, San Diego, CA

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