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Conversations With Leaders: Chief Rabbi of South Africa Shares Lessons on Lockdown and Overcoming Racism

This article was published by the algemeiner by Simon Jacobson

In response to global crisis impacting everyone the world over, I have launched a new series: In Conversation with World Leaders, to discuss the issues of our times and the personal challenges we face today.

I invite you to my conversation with Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Chief Rabbi of South Africa. This riveting and emotional discussion touches upon the full spectrum of the human experience. Discover how the stresses of the global pandemic – medical, financial, social, racial, spiritual and educational – will ultimately enable us to emerge stronger!

In Chief Rabbi Goldstein’s words: “The more they were oppressed, the more they thrived” is a Biblical verse that best encapsulates the current crisis. On one hand we’ve been brought to our knees by the pandemic and on the other, we’ve seen the human spirit prevail.

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