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New Series: In Conversation with World Leaders, Episode 1 Featuring Rabbi Berel Lazar

Our universe is shaking! The current pandemic and unrest, rattling and demoralizing the world’s population, have created a once-in-history wake-up call. Jews everywhere are looking to make sense of the upheavals around us, seeking clarity and direction.  

In response to this crisisrenowned author, speaker and publisher, Simon Jacobson is launching a new seriesIn Conversation with World Leadersto discuss the issues of our times and the personal challenges we face today. 

Join Rabbi Jacobson in the inaugural program of this series, premiering on Monday, August 3, 2020, 8pm EDT, featuring Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia. 

Don’t miss this riveting and enlightening conversation – sweeping across the spectrum of Torah, history, psychology, spirituality and politics. 

Discover surprising revelations in this refreshing and personal exchange with special emphasis on your unique role in the global picture: What can and must each of us do in these historic times?

PREMIERING Monday, August 3, 2020 8PM ET 


  • From the abyss: What is the secret behind the miraculous renaissance of Russian Jewish life? 
  • How world leaders should be using this unique time to create a new world order 
  • What gave the Chief Rabbi the strength to get through Covid-19 
  • How do we grow through the pandemic? 
  • What should we tell our children and students? 
  • How to fight divisiveness

This series is hosted by The Meaningful Life Center, which presents the wisdom of Torah as a blueprint for a meaningful and transformative life. From love and relationships to work and finance, from fear and anxiety to joy and celebration, from birth to death and all life cycles in between, the Meaningful Life Center applies the timeless Torah to our personal, emotional and psychological lives. 

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