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‘Inside Story’ on Bereishis in Print

This article was originally published on COLLive on October 7, 2016.


The Meaningful Life Center has published Yanki Tauber’s acclaimed ‘Week in Review’, peering into biblical events, encounters, and personalities through the lens of the Rebbe.

The Inside Story: A Chassidic Perspective on Biblical Events, Laws, and Personalities Volume I: Genesis hits the shelves of bookstores just in time for the beginning of the Torah cycle. There is a lot of anticipation over the release of this book by the many fans of Yanki Tauber’s acclaimed Week in Review.

The first book (in a five part series) comes in response to one of the most compelling conundrums of our day – that in a jaded and sophisticated world, a world propelled by technology and independent thinking, the Torah should continue to captivate and mesmerize a predominantly secular world in which apostasy reigns.

Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, The Inside Story shows how each and every event in the first book of Torah, Bereishis, is never just a simple story, but rather an eternal lesson as relevant today as it was 3,300 years ago. The Rebbe’s unique contribution to Torah scholarship was his ability to take any event in the Torah, from the most well-known to the most esoteric, and bring forth its inner meaning.

As author Yanki Tauber writes, “The Rebbe’s premise is that the Torah is ‘G-d’s blueprint for creation,’ every detail of which, no matter how ‘minor,’ is integral to our understanding and realization of our mission in life.” Indeed, the Rebbe’s instruction guides us on the path of life, distilling ancient text into personal relevance.

The Inside Story is a brilliantly written, beautifully presented collection of 80 essays centered around the inner meaning of the Torah’s best known stories. The behaviors of Noah, Abraham, and Moses, teach us how to most effectively love our fellow beings, while the trials of twin brothers Jacob and Esau underscore the importance of every individual’s actions in the role of perfecting the world. And from the abduction of Jacob’s daughter, Dina, we are introduced to the Rebbe’s revolutionary definition of the woman’s role in Jewish society.

Readers will find themselves relating to the depth and relevance of the essays in this publication. The Inside Story carries the inside story within each of us, gifting us with the realization of how vital and meaningful the Torah is for our contemporary lives. Readers of this book will never see the Torah in quite the same way again.

As he has masterfully done in his previous works (the Week in Review, Beyond the Letter of the Law, Inside Time), author Yanki Tauber has once again taken the Rebbe’s words and presented them to the English speaking audience in a way that will engage, educate, captivate, and delight. Using his considerable literary skills, Tauber, a Chassidic rabbi and scholar molds the English language with a flawless precision that can stand up to the most accomplished writer in any field.

The Inside Story is published by the Meaningful Life Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to personal, societal, and global transformation through presenting the universal wisdom of the Torah as a blueprint for life. The Center is built on the belief that life is precious and that every individual has a unique and indispensable contribution to make, which affects everyone and everything, now and forever. The Meaningful Life Center offers a wide variety of live and published programming for people of all backgrounds. The dean of the center, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, is the author of the best-selling book Toward a Meaningful Life. For more information, visit our website:

Add this beautiful new collection to your library today. Buy The Inside Story.


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