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Living Chassidus Brings Elul and Tishrei to Life for Women

Earlier this month, Living Chassidus wrapped up its Systematic Avodah Initiative (SAI), a program that guides post-seminary women in Crown Heights through meaningful preparation for the high holidays. Using “60 Days: A Spiritual Guide to the High Holidays” by Rabbi Simon Jacobson as a guide, participants went through day by day preparations and reflections focused on the months of Elul and Tishrei. The program was not only accessible to women in Crown Heights but also to women throughout the country who were able to participate via Whatsapp and a live stream of farbrengens.

Participants in the program committed to reading each daily portion of Jacobson’s book and weekly journaling based on the book’s prompts. Those who reached this quota were rewarded with weekly prizes. The group also met bi-weekly for farbrengens that focused on the major themes of the holidays. Speakers included Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, Mrs. Tzivia Jacobson, Rabbi Motty Lipskier, Rabbi Yisroel Glick and Mrs. Leah Rubashkin. Through journaling and discussion participants were able to bring focus to their personal avodah during this important time. “SAI helped me prepare for all the yomim noraim in a real way. I have been a part of SAI for a few years and it gets better every year as the organizers work to bring in well-known educators and motivating prizes,” said Living Chassidus member, Adina Lapine.

Living Chassidus’ Systematic Avodah Initiative culminated with an award ceremony for those who completed the program and a farbrengen with the author of 60 Days, Rabbi Simon Jacobson. Attendees enjoyed an evening discussing what to take away from their experience and how to move forward into the new year. Participant, Sima Dachevski walked away from the evening feeling inspired, “I really enjoyed when Rabbi Jacobson explained that part of the avodah of Cheshvan is to find miracles in the mundane, the small parts of life that we usually take for granted.”

Living Chassidus host programs and events throughout the year. To find out more about Living Chassidus or to make a donation in support of the group’s programs, please go to

Recordings of the SAI farbrengens can be viewed on Living Chassidus’s YouTube Channel: Click Here

“60 Days: A Spiritual Guide to the High Holidays” is available through the Meaningful Life Center at

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