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New High Holiday Magazine for Shluchim

New High Holiday magazine for shluchim will feature: Shofar 101 and how its wordless cry says it all and a unique cover by artist Mark Lumer.

In this new issue, readers will meet TikTok’s Michal Oshman and read about her first Yom Kippur on her journey back to her roots and how she discovered the Chabad Chasidic teachings that changed her life.

When it comes to life’s difficult questions, the go-to guy is of course Simon Jacobson. The custom-made magazine features an interview with Rabbi Jacobson on Faith.

Hundreds of Chabad centers now have the option of creating a localized custom-made magazine with their name on the cover, their local pictures and ads, of course, High Holiday information and return envelopes, all presented professionaly in a glossy magazine that clearly raises the pristege of Chabad!

The project, now in it’s 15th year, is produced by the staff at Chabad of Cypress in California.

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