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Wednesday: Kindness Award Ceremony

“Our years in school are some of our most formative. Beyond what we learn, it is the people and moments that matter most―when we are seen and accepted for who we are.”

–The Kindness Award

The Yocheved Gourarie Kindness Award came to life on what would have been Yocheved Gourarie’s 25th birthday, as a way to honor her beautiful, generous and loving spirit and life. A project of The Meaningful Life Center, the award was initiated to celebrate the acts of kindness that create a culture of empathy and support within the Crown Heights community.

Over the past few months, nominations poured in for incredible teachers, classmates and childhood friends who had great impact and life-changing kindness toward their students and friends; educators who were thoughtful and present in the moments of silence, pain, transition and growth, friends who recognized a crying soul and reached out. We were humbled and touched by these amazing individuals and their stories.

And now… we are proud to announce the winners of this empowering initiative and award them a much deserved monetary prize, thanks to the funding of its generous sponsors. Join us LIVE, tomorrow, Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 8:00 PM at Garden House NYC, 1386 St. John Place for the Yocheved Gourarie Kindness Award Ceremony.

The program will include personal words from Yocheved’s parents, Avremi and Dini Gourarie, as well as an overview of the initiative from the award’s generous sponsor, Eli Nash. This will be followed by the highly anticipated announcement of this year’s kindness winners – a Rabbi, a Morah, childhood friends and classmates. The program will close out with an inspirational and take-away message from Rabbi Simon Jacobson.

We hope to see you all there, as together we immortalize the life and legacy of Yocheved Gourarie by honoring the special individuals within our community, people who go above and beyond to save one soul at a time – and by saving one soul, they are saving the world.

“I often forget this, but we are social creatures leaning on each other to survive and, more importantly, thrive. We need community, we need support, we need love and compassion and acceptance.”

-Yocheved Gourarie is proud to partner with the Kindness Award as a media sponsor.




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