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Saving Lives with the Gift of Meaning

There is a hidden gem in our midst – a name and face that everyone might recognize, but the impact of his work in our community is our best kept secret.

From inspiring every man and woman with extra empowerment and motivation, applying practical chassidus to enhance their daily lives…

Assisting the busy Shliach who needs chizzuk and high-end Torah and Chassidic materials and resources…

Extending himself to the young adult searching for his/her purpose in life and unsure which path to take…

Encouraging the devoted mother who is juggling work, children and household chores and is searching for inner depth and meaning in her daily life…

Lending a caring and nonjudgmental ear to the lonely teenager who is struggling and feels misunderstood and anxious about his future…

Offering sage advice and wisdom to the well-meaning couple who hit a rough patch and are confused, who don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and need guidance and direction…

Being there for the young father who is dealing with mental illness and the stigma attached to it, who is in desperate need of support and love…

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is there for EVERY single soul, bravely addressing the very real challenges facing our community, going where no one dares to go and answering the hardest questions plaguing us today.

No one brings the Rebbe’s work into everyday life in the way that Rabbi Simon Jacobson has been doing for over forty years. Starting as a chozer, maniyach and publisher of the Rebbe’s teachings, to the creation of the Week in Review, to authoring the best-seller Toward a Meaningful Life, 60 Days and The Omer Book, to founding the Meaningful Life Center and MyLife: Chassidus  Applied, Rabbi Jacobson does NOT STOP – remaining a loyal chossid and servant to his community and the world at large.

Together with his team of over 10 dedicated and hardworking staff, The Meaningful Life Center is thriving like never before, making inroads, applauded by leaders and lay people in all circles, including political figures and celebrities and bringing countless Jews closer to their roots!  With over 14 public programs a week, reaching over 3 million unique visitors annually, and have been a source for hundreds of thousands of people searching for meaning, inspiration, answers, guidance and so much more.

When the pandemic began and many were left paralyzed with fear and uncertainty, Rabbi Jacobson flew into action, tripling his output and programs: Addressing mental health, privately advising and counseling hundreds of people, creating resources for teenagers and the younger community, answering hundreds of questions and empowering first responders who sprang into fearless action. His teachings and non-judgmental spirit helped heal so many.

Our need is great. Our community, our children, our future are in critical need of the clarity and direction Chassidus provides — answers, guidance, inspiration, support and much more. Rabbi Simon Jacobson is up to the task. But we need YOUR help!

In response to this great need for yofutzu maayonosecho chutza to reach and inspire as many people as possible, we have launched a special Chanukah campaign – The Gift of Meaning, at

PayPal: [email protected]com
Zelle: [email protected]com
Venmo: @meaningful-life-center

“NO ONE is out there doing what he’s doing, reaching the masses with real chassidus, tailoring it to the right audiences and addressing current issues. His work is a 911 call. Reb Simon is consistent with his weekly programming which defines the truth of who he is, what he believes in and what he is teaching. He’s amazing. I love him. I’m one of his biggest fans.”  – Rabbi Pinchas Ezagui, Director of Daytona Chabad Center

“I am a young adult living in Crown Heights, and I read lots of books in the self-help genre.  It’s been encouraging to learn that Torah can also teach me how to have healthy relationships and have a healthier self-image. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I can get guidance from Torah, and it’s not limited to halacha. The Torah has guidance for my emotional state, my overall health, and tips to living my best life.  Thank you, Rabbi Jacobson for opening my eyes to this.”

“When I look for a mentor or a teacher, I look at their personal life.  How they’ve developed and integrated the teachings they share.  How well they model learning and growing. To me it seems that Rabbi Jacobson is constantly learning, researching to better understand the texts.  And as a person as well, he seems to have evolved from the time I started listening to his podcasts.  I am so grateful and honored to have Rabbi Jacobson as a mentor to help me understand the Rebbe’s teachings for my life.  I invite you listen to listen to the podcasts, and watch the YouTube videos.”

“The book “Toward a Meaningful Life” appeared on my shelf, I don’t even know who put it there to be honest but it opened my eyes to a truth I never truly owned. The truth of my own religion. I was in university and searching. It was “next on the reading list” after the Tao Te Ching and Siddhartha, I was looking for my meaning, my path to enlightenment. But it became the last book I read in my searching, and the first book I read in my journey home. It ignited my soul and I have Rabbi Simon Jacobson to thank for that.”

The Meaningful Life Center