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School Addresses Mental Health

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In a new effort to acknowledge mental health issues affecting our community, Bais Rivkah Girls High School hosted their first mental health day, offering three workshops on How to Find Happiness, presented from both a Torah and medical perspective.

The workshops featured Rabbi Simon Jacobson on Happiness: How To Be Happy and Master Your Emotions, Mrs. Aidella Blesofsky on 12 (Tried and True) Steps to Happiness and Shaya Sussman LCSW on Emotional Wellness and Signs to Recognize When to Seek Further Help.

Mrs. Sara Blau, Extracurricular Director at BRHS, in conjunction with Mrs. Aliza Hirsch, BRHS’s LCSW, are planning another two mental health days this year, one focusing on the topic of food and a healthy body, and another focusing on relationships.

Listen to Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s audio talk to the High School students, titled: Happiness: How To Be Happy and Master Your Emotions and download a 1-page printout with key points, takeaways and daily exercises.

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