Happiness: How To Be Happy and Master Your Emotions

Listen to Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s talk to the High School students in a new effort to acknowledge mental health issues affecting our community.

Download a 1-page printout with insightful takeaways and daily exercises about How To Be Happy and Master Your Emotions below.

Talk given at Bais Rivkah Girls High School during their first mental health day, which offered three workshops on How to Find Happiness, presented from both a Torah and medical perspective.

Takeaways and Daily Exercises


How To Be Happy and Master Your Emotions

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Student @BR
5 years ago

I participated in health day, and my absolute favorite part was hearing Rabbi Jacobson speak about happiness! It gave such a new spin on things, and my idea of happiness was completely turned around. Really gave me tons of food for thought. It was a very good choice for Br to bring him in because I really enjoyed how he took real issues and brought them psychologically and Al pi Torah in such a real, clear way! Thank you BRHS!!

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