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Shavuos Lesson Available Free in Appreciation to Teachers

MLC Offers a Complimentary Shavuos Lesson Available for Middle & High Schools 

A project of Yahadus in My LifeA year-long course of study exploring Chassidic perspectives on the Jewish calendar 

ATT: Schools and Teachers. The Meaningful Life Center would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all our dear teachers and staff members during these trying and unprecedented times. We acknowledge all your hard work and applaud your tireless commitment and continued enthusiasm in educating our youth.

As a token of our appreciation, and to try and make your lives a little easier, we are pleased to offer you a comprehensive Shavuos lesson plan excerpted from the acclaimed Yahadus in My Life curriculum, conveniently available for download by visiting 

The Shavuos lesson includes both a teacher’s manual and student handbook and explores the Chassidic dimensions of Shavuos. We encourage you to take advantage of this fully comprehensive course which contains source lists, stories and discussion points and will help bring Shavuos and Chassidus to your students in a relevant and engaging way. 

The Yahadus in My Life course, compiled and developed by Mrs. Bassie Cohenbased on Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied methodologyw personalizes the beauty and relevance of every special day of the year, every Yom Tov and Chassidishe Yom Tov — in ways that will inspire and be applicable to the lives of your children. 

“Mrs. Cohen’s course fills a tremendous void in the lives of our youth: relevant, inspiring, and practical Chassidus. It provides them with emotional intelligence and tools which will serve them all their lives, enhancing everything they will do — the homes they will build, the people they will meet, the respective shlichus each one of them will embrace. This course should be taught to every chabad student,” says Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Dean of the Meaningful Life Center. 

For more information and to download your complimentary Shavuos lessonvisit 

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