2024: Birth and Renewal

The tremors and upheavals of 2023 are meant to lead to a new birth, to a new world. So as we enter this new year of 2024, what shape will this renewal take? What will this new world look like?

An added, exhilarating element to this metamorphosis is that we – every single one of us – are very much active participants and partners in writing the script of this birth and renewal. Our actions and behavior will help define the unfolding drama, the narrative and choreography of our future life. So we are compelled to ask ourselves – what will the new future look like? What should it look like? And what should we be doing to help actualize it?

How can we harness and transform the wars, the battles, the pain, the grief and the tragedy that marked the last quarter of 2023 and turn it into a true rebirth – a future that we can be proud of? A future that would in some way “redeem” the darkness we are experiencing? It is up to us to determine that when time will tell the story and history will write the narrative we will be able to look back and say that the pain is a distant memory of the past, and in its stead here is the glorious world we built. Here is what we accomplished. Here is how we grew as individuals, as a community, a nation, and as a world.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this vital discussion on how to look ahead and discover a vision for tomorrow. Last week we closed the chapter on 2023 and this week we begin to write the new chapter of 2024 — and of the future of our universe.

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