Uniting a Fragmented World: Daily Spiritual Antidote #64

While we have no control over the virus and the events going on outside of ourselves, we do have full control over what is going on inside ourselves: what our attitudes are, which message we will give our children, families and friends, how nobly and in how dignified a manner we behave during this unprecedented time; which new skills and strengths – perhaps lying dormant within us until now – will emerge.
– Rabbi Simon Jacobson

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Justin C Beck
4 years ago

From a spiritual perspective the quarantine of religious institutions prevented the maintenance of the holiness connection on earth – this is the way of evil. Notice the severity with which those who gathered to pray were treated and how long it took to allow a minimal assembly. It has taken a foothold and is expressing itself through spiritually weak people. They are now the agents of evil but still, however, have a holy spark which is concealed. This is a war between good and evil – ultimately it is the only battle that matters. When the president went to the church with the bible in his hands, of which he was maligned by many, he wasn’t just doing a photo op. As a Jew I am offended and appalled by any Jew who kneels to anyone or anything but Hashem when designated religiously. To combat this we must increase our individual holiness.

4 years ago

Thank you so much Rabbi Jacobson

4 years ago

Very inspiring video, thank you so much, Rabbi Jacobson!

4 years ago

found the words inspiring but the background music distracting

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